Sometimes I write poems

I have been browsing the blogosphere and have seen a lot of blogs that post poetry. This has inspired me to share some of my own. I feel like my poems don’t fit into the realm of the main blog posts I make, so I will be putting them as separate pages, with links to them in the “unknown words” tab/page.

I have always enjoyed writing poems, especially when I was feeling sad and confused about things in my life. Some of my work is happy, but as I mentioned before, misery is more inspiring. =)

That being said, I haven’t written anything new in awhile… A potential song lyric has been swimming in my head, which is essentially a poem with repeating verses…

My hope here is to look back through my old poetry, share it, maybe get some feedback, and hopefully be driven to write more. If you are interested in poetry, or learning about how depressed I was as a teenager, please check out my Unknown Words tab. Right now it is a little empty, but I will strive to add something to it every week!

When I am not writing poems or blog posts, I am working on a story that is in my head. I have been debating on whether or not to share parts of it on here. I really feel like I have a great story idea, but it is so overwhelming to sit down and try to write it all out. It would be a huge undertaking… a full-scale, fantasy, trilogy if I could actually piece it together. I am no professional writer, not by a long shot, but if I don’t get this story on paper it will always be filling up my brain capacity. I am already overflowing, losing bits and pieces of memories and knowledge that I am guessing I didn’t want to forget.


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