Thrift Stores, Book Shops, and Doritos Locos Tacos

me 3-22-13

It seems like I will always have weird lighting in my picture, if I keep posting from the same room in bright light… Oh well.

Let me start off by saying that the coffee I am currently drinking is called a “Nutty Leprechaun”. I found the name so amusing that I had to try it. I am guessing they made it up for St. Patrick’s Day. It is a hazelnut, Irish cream latte. Sounds a little weird, but I am thoroughly enjoying it. ^_^

Earlier today, I went to have lunch with my boyfriend, which I used to do quite often so I could get every minute of time I possibly could with him. Now that we have been together for over a year, I am not crazy, and his lunch break  starts at 11, which quite honestly is too early for me to be caffeinated, showered, dressed and made-up. However, today I told him I wanted to have lunch with him so we could finally try those Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos at Taco Bell. Even though my stomach gets mad at me when I eat there, I had to try the cool ranch taco! Cool Ranch are my favorite Doritos flavor, and those blasted commercials are on all the time telling me to go get one… I also have to order cheesy fiesta potatoes every time I go to Taco Bell. I am obsessed with cheesy fiesta potatoes. I try not to go there too often, cause you know, it is horrible for you, but sometime’s horrible tastes so good! *sigh* Anyway, we got the tacos, and they were pretty good. The boyfriend still prefers the cheesy one, but it is too cheesy for me. I probably won’t get one again, but now I can say I tried it and the commercials won’t bother me.

After lunch, I had a bag of clothes to donate, so I went to a little thrift store down the road from my Boyfriend’s work. I always go to that thrift store because all of the proceeds go to the humane society! I love thrift stores. I like the hunt for treasure, the tiny price tags, and the idea that I am being green by not buying brand new products. (Although, admittedly, I buy a lot of brand new stuff…) If I didn’t stop myself I could spend forever at a thrift store. Even though I found several things I wanted, I only bought one item, a neat-o black jacket that looked too cute on me not to get. $4 for a jacket is a steal.

Right across the street there is another thrift store, a much smaller one, but I decided to take a look. When I first decided to check out the thrift stores I was looking for a book and a lamp. I liked one lamp, but it was chipped. The book I was looking for seemed to be non-existent. At the second thrift store I did find more clothes… A fancy wool skirt that I can wear to interviews or a new fancy job, and a grey sweater/cardigan. $6 for both. I was quite thrilled with my purchases, but I still hadn’t found what I was looking for. I remembered that there was this little book store/coffee shop down the road, so off I went. I was a little nervous walking in, as I passed two shady looking guys smoking cigarettes. Once inside I was instantly happy. I had forgotten how much I loved books and bookstores. This store was small, but bigger than I had expected it to be. The only person inside was an older guy, who greeted me, said he could help me if I needed it, and then left me alone to browse. I could have spent forever in the book store. I looked all around, up and down, for the book I was interested in, but no luck. I found a bunch of other books I would have been interested in, however I already have a pile of books I need to read on my bookshelf. Finally, I asked the guy if he had any books by the author I was looking for.  He checked his little computer database and everything he had had was sold out. Drat. Feeling bad for not buying any books, and feeling intrigued by the sign that said “Nutty Leprechaun $3.50”, I inquired as to what exactly a nutty leprechaun was, and then said I would take one. I am very glad I went to the little store. I will definitely be going back in the future.

Haha, I just realized, my boyfriend is a Nutty Leprechaun. =P


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