Morning Cup of Joe

I am sitting at my computer, enjoying my essential morning cup of coffee, and wondering what in the world to write about. It feels like it has been forever since my last post, 11 days actually, which is too long. I thought I would start sharing photos of myself as I look while I am writing, which this morning has me nervous as I am in yesterday’s makeup, cat fur covered pajamas, and I haven’t done anything to my hair. Seems like that is the one thing people ALWAYS make sure is good before putting it online, is their picture. I am going to be honest, I took several with my webcam before deciding this one wasn’t so bad, AND I cropped it and fixed the color balance in Photoshop, but that is it! The bright white lighting is because I am sitting in front of a window that is letting in the morning light. I feel like letting people in to my private little world by sharing my appearance as I am writing, but be forewarned, for what you are about to see is ghostly and disgruntled.

morning cup

Yep, that is me in the morning, after having a few gulps of coffee. Before the coffee I was much worse looking, I swear. I actually wish the coffee mug I am using turned out better in the picture, because it is one of my favorite mugs and there is a story behind it.

Here is a cruddy picture of the mug that I just swiped from the internet:


And here is the story of how I got my mug:

A long, long time ago, in a coffee shop far away, I first lay my eyes on this coffee mug. As an avid coffee drinker I frequent Starbucks when my coffee at home doesn’t turn out right, or I need more later in the day. For at least a month, I kept seeing this mug at Starbucks and loved it more and more each time, but who pays $8.95+ for a coffee mug?? I certainly don’t, so I never bought it. Then finally, after giving up on my dream of owning this mug, I went to a completely different Starbucks than usual, and I happened to have some extra money on a Starbucks gift card, AND the mug was on clearance! I leaped for joy (inside my head) as I grabbed the mug and placed it on the counter. My sister, whom I was with at the time, rolled her eyes at me. (Weird, I just had Deja Vu…)

So, I bought the mug, brought it home and happily used it almost every morning. The mug says not to put in the dishwasher, so I would wash it by hand after every use, I couldn’t risk having the beautiful design damaged by the dishwasher! Then one day, after coming home from a day of  probably shopping, (I don’t remember exactly, but I shop a lot) my mug, my precious, was shattered on the kitchen floor, irreparable. I almost cried, I was so upset and mad at the dogs, I am sure it was the dogs trying to get some food crumb on the counter. (I displayed my mug next to the coffee pot because it was too pretty to hide away in the cupboard…) I tried to find a replacement mug, but Starbucks didn’t carry them anymore, and the few I found on eBay and amazon were listed for $16+! I was devastated! I gave up my dream of having the mug again, and moved on.

About a month went by, and I had almost forgotten all about the death of my mug. I came home from a normally slow day at work, greeted my boyfriend, and went to put my purse and things away. At first I didn’t notice, because he put it exactly where it had always been next to the coffee pot, so my eyes didn’t catch it as out of the ordinary. After the second look through the kitchen, there it was! My mug! (Well, a brand new version of it). I picked it up and looked it over, then CAREFULLY put it down and ran to hug my boyfriend. He was smiling from ear to ear, the little sneaky trickster. He felt bad that the dogs broke it and he knew how much I liked the mug, so he went and ordered me one of the expensive ones from the internet. I was so happy, and I will never forget how sweet it was for him to do that for me.

So now in the morning, when I drink my cup of liquid happiness, I am also happy because of the mug it is in. Sometimes I leave my mug on the counter, it just looks so good there, but usually I put it away in the cupboard.


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