Job Hunt

As some of you may know, I am looking for a job. *sigh*

I graduated just this past December with a Bachelor’s Degree, which I imagined would make it easier to get a job, especially since most jobs require a degree. Boy was I wrong. Now that I have my shiny new degree (well technically I don’t have the official document, it hasn’t arrived in the mail yet…) I was hoping that I would be finding a shiny new job to go with it. Problem: About 99.9% of jobs these days require 3-900 years of experience… Can I count my 4 years in school as experience? Maybe at least the last two years where I actually worked on projects that would be similar to real-world tasks? Well, I still need between 1 and 898 years of experience in that case…

My boyfriend, trying to cheer me up about it, posted this on Google+ earlier today:


Oh Philosoraptor, your questions are always amazing, ironic, or hilarious.

Although it has only been 2 short months since graduation, and I do have a part-time job in retail( blah) I feel like I am wasting my life away! I have sent out my resume more times than I can count, written cover letters for miles, and even had a few interviews, but nothing has happened. I feel like this job hunt is turning into duck hunt, and the world is that dog laughing at me for missing the duck! I can shoot all the ducks, and then miss one right at the end, and the dog will point and laugh at me. Stupid dog…

I know the job market it rough, and I could probably be doing a lot more to put myself out there, but it is hard! How many times can you get rejected, or worse just ignored, before you have to just give up and try something new? It seems like I will never get a job related to my degree, unless I can magically get some experience somewhere. I have even contacted companies and individuals and offered to be in intern or volunteer, and not even that has worked. Maybe I live in the wrong place for the jobs I am looking for? But heck, I am applying to every receptionist or assistant job I can find too, and I am not hearing back from them either. I know I am awesome, why can’t the employers see that?

*sigh again*

I guess I will just keep looking and hope something happens. Wish me luck.


7 responses to “Job Hunt

  1. Hello, I tried to find your blog on facebook but i haven’t been on in so long it can’t actually function because it freezes because there are too many notifications. lol. Luckily your thing was the first pop up so I could type it in the browser. Nice dinosaur

  2. Have you checked out the CMDC facebook page? I just learned this week that Dene regularly posts job listings on there. May want to check it out if you haven’t already, and of course GOOD LUCK!

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