“The Walking Dead” needs more dead

Just finishing up a pretty long and full day with a cup of sleepy-time tea and the latest episode of “The Walking Dead“. That show is awesome, especially this 3rd season. If you don’t like it there is probably something wrong with you, or maybe you just hate blood and gore… hmm… Anyway, watching the show always gets me thinking about how much I wish I could kill some of the characters. There have been many TV shows, books, and movies over the years that have contained characters that I really wish would just die. You know it is good if you feel so strongly about it.

It may sound horrible, but there are just moments in The Walking Dead where I am thinking, “Finally he is going to die!” or “Pleases Rick, just kill him already!” Not only do I hate some of the characters so much that I want them to die, I also frequently change my mind on liking and hating characters. One minute you trust them and love them, and they next they shoot you through the heart with a crossbow or stab you in the eye with a glass shard. (For the record, Daryl is my favorite character.)

All this wanting characters to die got me thinking; what if people thought like this about actual people? I for one have never hated someone I have met so much that I wanted a zombie to eat their brain. Maybe get beat up or something, but not die. It seems twisted and sinister that our society not only enjoys, but thrives off of the drama and death of so many characters. Even worse is the fact that I think this same thing occurs with real living people. I think a good example, although I HATE to bring her up is Rebecca Black. If you don’t know who she is, you don’t want to, and if you do, you know exactly what I mean. She was so despised that people sent her death threats, told her she should cut her own wrists, and even more horrible things. People seeing her awful video online where not seeing her as a person, but as this character that was created using auto-tune and a cheap camera. I don’t think anyone would have gone to her face and said those things to her, but because it was on the internet and they didn’t need to be held accountable for their words, people said what they said. Sure she can’t sing, sure that video is horrible and the lyrics are atrocious, but this poor girl shouldn’t die. Her video should die, but it won’t. It isn’t in the script

I guess what I am trying to say, or ask really, is where do we draw the moral line? I may wish that in every episode of The Walking Dead that the Governor and stupid-ass blonde girl (I can’t even think of her name, I hate her so much) should be brutally murdered, but is that wrong? No, the writers of the show want the viewer to have strong emotional reactions to the characters, even if they are negative. Also the fact that the show is about zombies and people die all the time, it is not far-fetched that these characters will bite the bullet soon.

However, telling people on the internet that they should kill themselves is terrible. Even if you don’t interact or know this person, everyone on the internet is a REAL person, albeit many people these days create personas or entire fake people that they pretend to be, but that is another topic entirely!

So please, let’s start a petition to get Merle and Andrea(I looked up her name) killed, but leave real people alone!

~ Alyssa


7 responses to ““The Walking Dead” needs more dead

  1. I had a similar reaction when I first saw Daryl with his bad manners in season one episode 3, but now I like him. Merle may end up in the same path. They both had a terrible childhood. and while not an excuse, it’s appropriate to mention it. And any good civil rights lawyer would know the Governor is deranged.

    • Thanks for reading and posting!
      Yeah, Daryl was less likable at first, but he grew on me. I just don’t see Merle making the same transition very easily. And yes, the governor is very deranged…
      Looking forward to Sunday’s episode!

  2. I nominated you for The Liebster Award. Check out my blog for instructions! There are questions you can answer if you wish to accept your award.:)

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